OSHEN functions through the generosity of healthcare organizations throughout Ontario that donate qualified recipients with functioning surpluse used equipment.  We offer a transparent, professional platform to ensure donations are conducted with trusted recipients for in-province or humanitarian use. 

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OSHEN connects recipients with participating hospitals throughout the province to find equipment that can be donated to low-resource countries.  We welcome registered charities or incorporated not-for-profit organizations that will use donated equipment for education or training purposes or will send donated equipment to low resource countries.

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OSHEN provides a platform designed to connect healthcare organizations with verified charities or not-for-profit organizations who are looking for usable hospital equipment for donation.

In Ontario, millions of hospital dollars are spent every year replacing outdated equipment, and technologies. Thousands of items of surplus equipment becoming available every year, equipment that could be re-used elsewhere in the province or donated to low resource countries for humanitarian use.

Finding qualified recipients for surplus equipment and ensuring the donations are done fairly and properly requires considerable effort and time. OSHEN provides a simple transparent platform for Hospitals free-of-charge to reduce the burden of this responsibility.