Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is OSHEN?
    • OSHEN or the Ontario Surplus Health Equipment Network is an online platform that aims to connect healthcare institutions looking to donate surplus medical equipment to recipient organizations, such as charities, educational institutions, etc.


To learn more about registering check out the additional resources page.


  1. Who can register for OSHEN?


  • Healthcare institutions in Canada can register to be donor. As a donor you can make posting about medical equipment that you would like to donate as well as you can connect with other donors to request items.


  • Registered not-for-profit and/or charitable organizations, who are interested sending donated medical equipment to developing countries can sign up to be recipient.
  • Educational Institutions (such as Colleges, Universities), who are interested in using the donated equipment for education, simulation, veterinary purposes.


Governing Regulations:

  1. Is there any governing regulation for medical equipment donation in Canada?
  2. Do hospitals (healthcare facilities) require a special license to donate Medical Equipment in Canada?
    • No, a health care facility is exempt from requiring a Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL). (Section 44, Medical Device Regulations)

  3. Are there any regulatory obligations for donors (Hospitals/Healthcare facilities)?
    • Although healthcare facilities are exempt from needing an MDEL (Medical Device Establishment Licence), when the devices are not being used within their own facility, they are not exempt from the obligations other sections of the Medical Devices Regulations (namely; maintaining distribution records, complaint handing & recalls ) (Section 52-58, Medical Device Regulations)

  4. Do Recipients require a Medical Device Establishment license, if they intend to send the equipment outside Canada (i.e. to the developing world)?
    • No, if they will export the medical devices.

  5. Do Recipients require a Medical Device Establishment license, if they intend to sell or donate medical devices in Canada?
    • Please see Health Canada Medical Device Regulations for more information.

  6. Which medical equipment can be donated (According to Medical Device Regulations)?
  • Hospitals may donate a used:
    • Class I device for human use;
    • Class II, III or IV device for human use if the manufacturer continues to hold a device licence for it; and
    • Class I, II, III or IV device (whether licensed or unlicensed) for veterinary use.
  • Hospitals cannot donate a used Class II, III or IV device that is unlicensed, even if the donation is made outside Canada (i.e. to the developing world)


  1. How can I register for OSHEN?
    • To register for OSHEN fill out the information in the registration page. We will send you a confirmation via email once your account has been approved.


  1. What kind of medical equipment is on OSHEN?
    • Donor institutions can choose what type of medical equipment they would like to donate. Currently, we have six general categories for equipment donations: electro-medical devices, patient handling equipment, diagnostic imaging, surgical instruments, lab equipment, and furniture.


  1. Can I donate out-of-service equipment for parts?
    • Yes, please make sure to clearly describe the state of the medical equipment in your positing.


  1. How do I make a posting to donate medical equipment?
    • After your registration has been approved, you will have access to the step-by-step guide on making a posting. You can find the guide here. Please note you can only access the step-by-step when you are logged into OSHEN.


  1. How do I request an item that is posted?
    • You can request a posted item by directly contacting the organization donating the device via email. You can find this information on the device posting. You can access the step-by-step guide for recipients here. Please note you can only access the step-by-step when you are logged into OSHEN.


  1. How are recipient organizations vetted before being included on OSHEN?
    • OSHEN administrators review the information provided by the recipient organizations for accuracy and legitimacy. Recipient organizations may be contacted to provide further clarifying information.


  1. What are the costs associated with OSHEN?
    • There are no costs associated with using OSHEN.


  1. Who covers the packaging, shipping, and delivery costs of the donated material?
    • It is the responsibility of the recipient and donor organizations to reach an agreement regarding packaging, shipping, and delivery costs.


  1. How can I get more information about OSHEN?
    • To receive more information about OSHEN, you can contact an administrator at